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Analog BNC to VGA video signal converter HVK-255 Featured

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Composite Video and S-Video BNC to VGA converter allows your DVR or CDD camera to be displayed on standard computer monitor, converting a computer monitor or LCD into a CCTV monitor. The connection on the back of DVR and CDD camera is BNC female, which is to be connected to the BNC input HVK-255 BNC input. The output video quality is better than the direct VGA output from DVR.

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Additional Info

Inputs: 1 X  Composite Video BNC, 1 X S-Video, 1 X VGA; 
-Output: 1 X VGA; 
-Composite Video Interface: BNC
-Switch between the 3 inputs and output one of them to VGA;
-The VGA input is pass through to the VGA output without any processing;
-Both PAL / NTSC are supported; 
-Optional Resolution: 800 X 600@60HZ, 800 X 600@75HZ, 1024 X 768@60HZ, 1280 X 1024@60HZ
-Brightness, hue, contrast, saturation, color, are adjustable and auto-save when power off;

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